Our heart is to help you, the computer user, by finding the best solution for your computer problem. We are not robots, rather, prefer being treated as human beings. Customers are given this same courtesy. In the end, our hope, is providing less frustration when facing the ever increasing demands of this robotic generation.

Our service is and will remain in ENGLISH. A 2-way conversation is one of the most important business assets offered. We do not wish to hurry you, or speak in a non understandable language, either in grammar, or tech speak.

Buy new, or fix the old? Buying a new computer rather than fixing the existing one may be the best solution. We can help make this decision. Our remote software diagnostics pinpoints the age and makeup of your existing computer.

Just like buying a new car, choosing the right computer can be a frustrating process. Getting the right service and warranty agreement, can now be more important, than actual purchase. We can help provide a new computer recommendation, and if desired, act as your purchasing agent.

Our standard service platform covers all Windows operating systems in 50 states. In addition our remote-connect service can save money by eliminating unnecessary driving costs.

Thank you for allowing Computer Help America Ltd. to service your needs.

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